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FAQ: Formal Challenge System

  • Where can I read an overview of the Formal Challenge System? - Top

    Click here to read all about the Formal Challenge System.

  • How come the Formal Challenge System doesn't work on my Ladder? - Top

    On some Ladders the members of that Ladder decided to have the option of formal challenges put up for a vote. If the majority of the Ladder members voted to eliminate the system from their Ladder, then it was removed. If the Formal Challenge System doesn't work on your Ladder, the Ladder members most likely voted to remove it from your Ladder. Check with one of your LadderOps to verify whether or not this is the case.

  • The news said I failed my formal challenge, but I didn't. What can I do? - Top

    If you experience this bug, please visit the “Support” link, submitting a mail with a detailed explanation of what the problem was. This will help us to get the kinks worked out as quickly as possible. Thanks!

  • What is the difference between a regular match and a formal challenge? - Top

    Regular challenges are issued in live chat when you run into someone you want to play a Ladder match against.

    The Formal Challenge System is in place so that if you are having a hard time finding someone you want to challenge you can do so through the website with our support. You should always try to get your match through the normal methods first before resorting to issuing a formal challenge.

    Formal Challenges are satisfied by playing a normal Ladder match using standard Ladder rules or by playing a tournament match if the tournament is a LadderStats tournament.

  • Do Formal Challenges take priority over all others? - Top

    Formal challenges take priority over all other matches. If someone has a formal challenge against you and they are available to play, you must play them next.


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