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Please follow the SUPPORT link from the navigation menu on the left hand side of the main League page to submit this problem/report. I apologize if it feels like we are giving you the runaround, but we have utilities available to us there that we have to have access to in order to correctly deal with this situation.

To find the SUPPORT link goto view the ladders From there select the game you are playing and follow the links to that Ladders main page. Once you get there you will see a navigation menu in the left frame on the page. Underneath the main heading titled SUPPORT you will find a link titled CONTACT US. Click there.

When you click on the CONTACT US link you will be taken to a page with useful help utilities listed on it. If none of those solves your problem at the very bottom of the page it says to 'click here' to send us mail. That is where you should go to submit this Email.

Using the SUPPORT link is almost always the quickest route to getting your problem solved. Especially if you are a Gold or Platinum member. I apologize for any confusion.

Thank you!

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