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  Our Special Tournaments are generally held on Saturday or Sunday evening.  The Marathon, Tournament of Champions, Kings vs Queens and  Juniors vs Seniors are hosted each month.  If there is a fifth weekend a Members vs. Staff is included.  Along with these a Tournament for the Members Birthday is hosted, usually in the evening of the special day.   So if your not on our Birthday List get with us and it will be added.  Occasionally Special Tournaments are hosted for Holidays and Milestones, so watch for an announcement on our Main Page or in the Chatbox.

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Plus Leagues have a "Voting Booth" feature that allows Admins to create polls for their members.
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We offer Diamond Members LIVE one on one support from our staff. You can resolve an account-related problem in seconds instead of waiting hours or days for E-mail. Connect | GOOD TIMES PINOCHLE | Playing at Pogo