Case's Ladder User Homepage Guide
 - Introduction -

As a Platinum or Diamond Member with Case's Ladder, you are given the ability to create a free homepage with up to 5MB of storage space.

These help pages are not an intensive or a comprehensive guide, but rather a means to get you started and at the very least, help you in creating a basic homepage !

Screenshots available if THIS color!
 What is a Homepage ?  Top

A homepage is the opening page or main page of a web-site intended to greet visitors and/or provide information about the site or its owner.

 How do I activate my account ?  Top

Click the "User Editors" link under the "Account" heading on the left-hand menu on the front page of your Ladders page.
Remember to click the colored text to see a screenshot!

Log-in (if necessary) and select   followed by  

You should find yourself at a page where you can select the name of your account. This does not have to match your player nickname/account but must be unique. Whatever name you choose will be the name of your homepage/storage site. (ex: Choosing account name cuffy will give you a User Homepage of:

 How do I access my homepage/account ?  Top

Click the "User Editors" link under the "Account" heading on the left-hand menu on the front page of your Ladders page, as described above (How do I activate my account?)

 I am logged in - now what ?  Top

Once you are logged in, you should see a page like this.

Extra pages describing each section can be found by clicking the following links:

 My homepage says "I have yet to move in"!  Top

When your account is created, a default page is generated with your account name and E-mail address. You are free to change this to whatever content you desire (normal decency and libel laws apply).

Most of you will probably want this page to say something that is a little more relevant to you. :) If you already have an existing page that you've created, then visit the 'File Uploads' page on how to save files on the Case's Ladder User Homepage server. If you are new to webpages, and HTML is just gobbledygook to you, then visit the "Create a new file" page for advice and other resources on getting you started.

 Do I need any special programs for a homepage ?  Top

Generally no. There are many ways to create a page that will go on the web, which method you choose is a matter of how "in depth" you wish to go.

You can write a webpage in HTML using a text editor (like Notepad). This will require you to learn the basics of HTML. If you have an interest in scripting in HTML then you will find some helpful links to resources and on-line tutorials on the Create a new file page.

If you have no interest in learning HTML and simply want to get something on the web then you will need some kind of "editor" program. There are a variety of editors on the market; some free and some very expensive! They all, in various forms, work by asking you to prepare the page as you see it and then they convert "what you see" to HTML so that once "Uploaded" (see File Uploads page) all internet users will be able to view your file via their web browser.

 Are there any restrictions/limitations on what I can have ?  Top

  • Space
    There is a limit of 5000 kb for each account. You can keep track of how much space you have via the File Manager (Screenshot). If you are unsure how to log into your account see 'How do I access my homepage/account ?'

  • Files
    The following file types are permitted:
    • .htm
    • .html
    • .gif
    • .jpg
    • .jpeg
    • .swf
    • .mpg
    • .mpeg
    • .mp3
    • .wav
    • .mid
    • .midi
    • .css
    • .xls
    • .bmp
    • .jar
    • .class

  • Filenames
    Filenames should not contain any spaces. If you attempt to upload a file whose name contains spaces, the system will automatically change those spaces to underscores.

  • Scripts
    Scripts such as 'Javascript', 'php', 'cgi', 'perl', 'asp' etc are not permitted - either as a file, or embedded within an HTML file, and are disabled.

Case's Ladder User Homepage Guide - Introduction Top