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The File Uploads page will allow you to transfer files from your hard drive to the Case's Ladder User Homepages server.

Screenshots available if THIS color!

 What is Uploading ?  Top

The process of transferring files from one location (your computer for example) to the server is known as uploading. Therefore whenever we are talking about uploading files, this, in most cases, will be 'getting' a copy of your file and saving it to the server. Conversely, the process of saving a file from a server to another location is known as 'downloading'.

 How do I save a file on the server?  Top

The File Uploads page will show ten boxes with the button  alongside.

To upload a file either enter the "full" location of where the file is stored (eg C:\Documents and Settings\cuffy\Desktop\help.html) or far simplier is to click the browse button and use the 'Choose file' box to locate the file on your computer. Highlighting the required file and clicking the 'open' button will transfer the details to the box. Once you have selected the file(s) you wish to upload, clicking the    will transfer your files onto the server.

You now have succesfully uploaded the files (subject to permissible files and each file being no more than 1MB in size).

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