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FAQ: Tournaments

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    Case's Ladder provides the largest tournament system on the Internet. A tournament is a short-term competition with a scheduled beginning and a specific end. Members may register to play in a tournament on any Ladder for which they have joined. When the tournament begins, each participant is paired up with an opponent (or more than one opponent, depending on the format of the tournament). Tournaments can be for "LadderStats," in which case the results are reported to the Ladder for which the tournament was played. Click here to read more about tournaments on Case's Ladder!

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    For a complete list of tournaments for your Ladder or League, select the 'Tournament Calendar' link that is located under the tournament listing on the main page and on the left-hand side menu under the ‘Tournaments' heading. You can access the page for a specific tournament by clicking on the Tournament Director's name. Once you have selected the tournament you would like to join, the information for that tournament will be listed under the 'Tournament Info' heading.

    All tournaments are listed in Eastern U.S. Time. Check-in for the tournament will open approximately 30 minutes prior to the start time. If you have registered for the tournament prior to check-in being opened you will have to return to the tournament page to check-in.

    Rules and prize information can be obtained by clicking the applicable links on the tournament pages.