Getting Started

FAQ: Sign-up and Activation

  • Ladder Name - Top

    On most Ladders and Leagues your Ladder name must be an exact match of the username you use at the gaming site, including spaces, underscores, and other keyboard characters. For example, if your username at the gaming site is “member123”, then your Ladder name should be “member123”.

  • Password - Top

    Your password should be a unique word that includes both letters and numbers and cannot be easily guessed.

    You should never share your password with anyone for any reason. Our staff will never ask for your password.

  • Activation Key - Top

    Once you have joined a Ladder or League, you will be sent an activation key to complete the sign-up process. The activation key will be sent to the E-mail address you provided on the sign-up form so please be sure the E-mail address is accurate. After receiving the activation key, you can activate your account and begin using it.

    If you do not receive your activation key within 24 hours, use the "Contact Us" link on the left-hand side menu to contact us and we will be happy to manually activate the account for you.