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FAQ: Match Related Questions

  • Can I play anyone if I am unranked? - Top

    Yes, when you are unranked you can play anyone on the Ladder regardless of their rank.

    If you play another user who is unranked, the winner of the match becomes ranked.

  • Can I play the same person as much as I want? - Top

    You are not allowed to play the same user more than once in a 24 hour period, unless otherwise stated in your Ladder's "Rules" section. You can, however, play the same person daily if you wish.

    Note: You are allowed to play as many different users as you want in one day!

  • Are modem games allowed? - Top

    No, modem games are not allowed. A modem game is defined as when "one person calls another directly through their modems." This is not allowed under Case's Ladder rules.

    Case's Ladder is the Internet Gaming League and direct modem games do not utilize the Internet and are therefore not allowed.

  • My opponent changed game settings just as the game started. Should I report the loss? - Top

    As soon as you realize the game settings are not what you had agreed upon before starting, you should exit the game.

    If you played a game to completion and lost, you DO have to report the loss regardless of whether you wanted the settings or not. You need to leave very early in the game to not have to report because of disagreement on game settings.

  • I need to post my win. Where do I do this? - Top

    You don't! On the Ladder, only the LOSER of a match reports. When that person reports, your account you will be credited with the win.

    (Anyone who has read the rules of the Ladder should be aware of this. You should read the rules again if you are unclear on this issue!)

  • If we can not agree on what map or settings to play with what do we do? - Top

    We recommend that if you cannot agree on settings you allow the lower ranked player (higher number) to pick the map/course/level and then the higher ranked player can choose the rest of the settings.

    In most cases, the appropriate to do for is to let the lower ranked player pick, as it keeps the top players on their toes!

    Some of our Ladders have default settings to use when the opponents can't come to an agreement. You will find these settings in the "Game-Specific Rule" section of the "Rules" if there are any for your Ladder.

  • The person I was playing was cheating. What should I do? - Top

    It is very common for new Ladder users to think people they are playing against are cheating. This is because the skill level of the top players is often so high it can seem impossible to do some of the things they do.

    Almost all the time it turns out that the person who thought someone was cheating didn't know certain tricks or strategy that can really help you out. Rather than jump to the conclusion that they are cheating we recommend you simply ask them how they do so well. Most of our players are happy to give a few pointers.

    If you really feal someone is cheating, you should report it to the staff via the "Support" link on the left-hand menu of your Ladder's page. We make note of users who are complained against and take appropriate action when necessary.

  • The person I was playing disconnected! What should I do? - Top

    If a match should get disconnected and there is no way to continue the match you should talk to the person you played either in chat or via e-mail and decide who would have won or agree to a rematch.

    When it's early in the game, the best option is to schedule a rematch. We won't award wins for games that just started because someone disconnecting is NOT considered an instant win.

    If you cannot come to an agreement with the player, you can use the "Support" link to report the problem and a Ladder staff member will try to work it out between you and your opponent.

    Occasionally, people do get disconnected and it's not their fault. However, users who disconnect to avoid losing will be penalized in ranking or removed competely.

  • How do I report a loss? - Top

    Start here and click the "View the Leagues" link.

    From there, click the link to the Ladder you are participating in. Make sure that you select the Ladder that corresponds to the correct service you are playing on (i.e. Yahoo!, Pogo, Flipside, etc.)

    This link will take you to the main page of that Ladder. Click on the "Report" link on the left-hand side of this page. Clicking this link will take you to a form where you report your losses.

    From this point on it is self-explanatory. Just fill in the blanks and then click on the 'Submit' button. Once the confirmation screen comes up, you know you have reported your loss successfully and you are ready to go play another match!

  • What is Rate of Play (ROP)? - Top

    Rate of play is the average number of Ladder matches a Top Ten member must play while remaining in the Top Ten to be in compliance with the Rank Hounding Top Ten rule. Please use the SUPPORT links to contact your LadderOp team for further details.

  • How is Rate of Play (ROP) calculated? - Top

    Your initial Rate of Play is determined by the number of Ladder matches played two days prior to entering the Top Ten and the day you enter the Top Ten. The average number of Ladder matches played over the 3-day span is then multiplied by 75% to determine your Rate of Play. Your Rate of Play must be maintained over any 3-day average while remaining in the Top Ten. Tournament matches are excluded from calculating and maintaining your Rate of Play.

    Depending on the game for your Ladder, your LadderOp team may have a pre-determined minimum/maximum number for Rate of Play. Please review the GSRs for your Ladder or contact your LadderOp team via the SUPPORT link for more details.

  • What should I do if someone does not report a match? - Top

    If your opponent does not report their loss within one hour after completing the match or prior to starting another match, you should use the "Unreported Match" link under the SUPPORT heading, located on the left-hand side navigation menu, to submit an Unreported Match complaint and we will handle the situation for you.

    You should never harass another member in chat or disrupt their other Ladder matches in an attempt to get the member to report a loss.


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