Frequently Asked Questions
FAQ: Getting Started

  • Is it really free to be on Case's Ladder? - Top

    Yes! Membership on Case's Ladder is free for anyone who wants to join.

    We do have optional premium membership programs that give you additional features on your account for helping to support the site. See the "Premium Membership" section of the FAQ for more details.

  • What kind of computer do I need to play games over the Internet? - Top

    Chances are that if you can read our web site you will be able to play most of the games that we support. System requirements do vary though, depending on the game you want to play. You will generally find the minimum requirements listed right on the box when you purchase a retail game. If you are experiencing problems with a specific gaming service, please consult their customer support department for further assistance.

  • What kind of Internet connection do I need to play games over the Internet? - Top

    This depends on what type of game you will be playing. Board and card games usually do not require a fast connection. Action, strategy, and simulation games though require a faster connection. In general the faster and more stable your connection to the Internet, the more enjoyable your online gaming life will be.

  • Where do I find people to play matches against? - Top

    Go to the chat room or lobby of the online gaming service you use to play your game. To find out in which room your Ladder plays, check the “Game-Specific Rules” section of the “Rules” of that Ladder or post in the message forum. Some of the services have special rooms for playing Ladder matches in. Once you are there all you need to do is publicly ask "Anyone for a Case's Ladder match?" If it is hard to find opponents, try to be patient. When new Ladders are created it usually takes a few weeks to get a good pool of players. After that, you will generally have no problem finding Ladder matches.

  • How do I know which Ladder to join? - Top

    Click here to view a list of all the games we support on Case’s Ladder or here for games supported by Click on the game you want to play and you will be taken to a list of all the available Ladders for that game. The Ladders are differentiated based on what gaming service they are played on and whether or not they are a MyLeague (administered by a private individual) or a Case's Ladder (professionally administered by us). Click on the listing for the game you wish to play. This will take you to that Ladder or MyLeague’s main page where you can then go through the joining process.

  • Do I need anything special to join Case's Ladder? - Top

    All you need is access enabling you to play the game you wish to play online and a valid e-mail address to join Case's Ladder.

  • Where do I play the games? - Top

    The games are played at different gaming services (such as Yahoo! Games, The Internet Gaming Zone, Flipside, or our very own Case’s Ladder Online) on the Internet. The services vary in games supported and pricing levels. Some games can only be played on one particular service, while others can be played on multiple services.


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