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FAQ: Tournament Directors (TDs)

  • Do TD's get paid for hosting tournaments? - Top

    Case's Ladder Tournament Directors are volunteers who donate their time to managing tournaments in order to make things more fun for everyone participating. They are not paid any money for their time, so it is important to remember that and show them the respect and appreciation they are due for all of their time and effort!

    In an attempt to show our gratitude to the TD's for all of their hard work we do reward them with LadderBux for hosting tournaments.

  • What is a TD? - Top

    Tournament Directors (TD's) are volunteers who actually create and administer tournaments. TD's are provided with a given set of tournament system utilities that allow them to perform their duties. TD's work closely with the Head TD's on their Ladder so that they are aware of the overall tournament setup and specific tournament rules on that Ladder. The TD's responsibilities include scheduling tournaments, administering tournaments to ensure that they run smoothly and finish in a timely manner, and settling any match disputes that occur during tournaments.

  • What is a Head TD? - Top

    Head TD's are the second level tier in our Tournament program. Overall, they act as the general tournament system coordinator on their Ladder. The Head TD's are responsible for keeping the TD's on their team organized and united towards the end goal of all TD's: keeping the Ladder and Tournaments fun and fair for everyone participating. Head TD's generally focus on one ladder in particular. Their duties mainly consist of coordinating the Tournament Directors on their Ladder so that the tournament schedule runs smoothly and keeps the players’ options open for plenty of tournament competition.

  • What is a TD Manager? - Top

    TD Managers are at the top of our chain of command within the tournament structure for Official Case's Ladders. A TD Manager has all of the abilities of a Head TD in terms of tools and utilities (and more!), plus considerably more responsibility. While the Head TD is responsible for keeping things running smoothly on their Ladder, the TD Manager is responsible for making sure the entire tournament system operates smoothly. They are responsible for answering E-mail involving tournaments that is submitted through the support link. The TD Managers will be responsible for assisting all TD’s and Head TD’s in any way they are needed. They are also closely involved with how the tournament program is structured and managed on a day-to-day basis.

  • I applied to become a TD and was told I am on the waiting list? - Top

    Unfortunately, there is a waiting list to become a Tournament Director on most Ladders. We add new TD's on a pretty regular basis. Please be patient if you are seriously interested in volunteering as we'd love to have your help.

  • How can I become a Tournament Director? - Top

    If you are interested in becoming a Tournament Director please select the 'Directors' link located under the 'Tournament' heading on your Ladder or League's left-hand menu. At the top of the Tournament Director list is the link to apply to be a Tournament Director.


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