Frequently Asked Questions
FAQ: Team Ladder Issues

  • How can I join an existing team? - Top

    To join an existing team, the best procedure is to send an e-mail to the captain of the team.

    You can also check the Ladder forums, as teams regularly post advertisements looking for new members.

    Most teams have requirements and may ask you to play several games to observe your ability. If you aren't accepted onto a team, try others until you are accepted.

    If all else fails, you can start your own team.

  • Can I be on more than one team at once? - Top

    No, because each player can only belong to one team on the Ladder at a time. If you are found on two teams you will be removed from both of them and the teams will be penalized.

    Captains should always check that new recruits are not members of other teams.

  • How can I add or remove team members? - Top

    Captains can access the "Add/Remove" tool, which is located in the "Resource" area of the left-hand menu of your Team Ladder's page. The players you want to add must already be registered on the Ladder.

    You can view a list of the eligible players by clicking the "Standings" link located under "The Ladder" heading on the left-hand menu of your Team Ladder's page.

  • How can I edit my team's information? - Top

    If you are the captain of a team, you may edit your team's information by clicking the "Team Editor" link under the "Team Functions" heading on the left-hand menu of your Ladder's page.

  • How can I start my own team? - Top

    To start your own team, click the "Signup Team" link under the "Team Functions" heading.


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