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FAQ: Reporting Problems

  • I get a Security Error when trying to report a match. Why? - Top

    Our software will not allow you to post losses to yourself or to anyone who has used a Case's Ladder account on your computer.

    If this is detected and you get a "Security Error" message, it means the Ladder staff has been notified and will check your records to make sure you aren't cheating.

  • I lost a match but I cannot find the person on the Ladder. What should I do? - Top

    If you can't find your opponent listed on the Ladder, try using the "Find Player" utility located on the left-hand menu on your Ladder's page. Try typing in your opponent's Ladder name to make sure you have not misspelled it, as this utility will show you the closest matches to the name you typed in if it does not exist on the Ladder.

    If you still cannot find your opponent, he will probably e-mail you shortly, requesting that you post the loss.

    You should always note the name of the person you are playing, since not reporting matches is against the rules of Case's Ladder.

  • How can I find out if someone reported my win? - Top

    To see the matches that were posted you can click the "Daily Results" link located on the left-hand menu of your Ladder's page.

    You can use this utility to view the daily match results as well as the "Ladder News" for the past seven days.

    Premium members can view their match history on their "Find Player" page. To become a premium member, click
  • I was trying to report a win, but I got a loss. Why? - Top

    Only the loser reports match results. If you won a match you should not try to post anything.

    Please review the "Rules" of your Ladder, found on the left-hand menu of your Ladder's page.


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