Frequently Asked Questions
FAQ: Miscellaneous

  • I'm having problems playing the games. What should I do? - Top

    We provide technical support for only our Ladders. If you are having problems with your gaming service (ie. Yahoo!, Pogo, Flipside) you should contact their Customer Service department directly to have your questions answered.

    We also recommend asking other Ladder members for assistance. Most of the players are very happy to help other members when they are having technical problems.

  • I have a homepage. Can I include a link to Case's Ladder? - Top

    Yes, please do! You can find a full listing of linking images to use here.

  • How can I work for Case's Ladder? - Top

    Click here to view our current job listing.

  • I want to run my own Ladder. Where can I get the program? - Top

    Our MyLeague service has been created just for this purpose! Users can run their own MyLeagues for any game of their choice (as long as it is in accordance with the Terms of Use.) For more information, please visit

  • What is the voting booth? - Top

    When we have issues that we would like your input on, they are placed up for vote in the "Voting Booth." Click here to visit the "Voting Booth." Some issues are directed at one Ladder only, while others are asking for input from ALL Ladder members.

  • I have a suggestion for the Ladder. Where do I send it? - Top

    You can submit any suggestions you have for the Ladder to our Suggestions Mailbox.

    We use a lot of ideas that are sent in, so send them in!

  • Where can I send compliments about your service? - Top

    We would love to hear any positive feedback you have for us. Please send it to our Positive Feedback Mailbox.
    Thanks! :)

  • Does Case's Ladder ever sponsor live events? - Top

    Occasionally we do donate prizes to or sponsor live events. If you have an event you think we would be interested in getting involved with please mail us the details via our contact form.

  • I'm receiving an error when I try to post a message in the forum. What should I do? - Top

    The message "illegal access, incident recorded" or "host name not authorized" is typically caused by firewall software that is installed on your computer.

    The most common cause of the errors is in the "privacy" settings of the firewall.


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