How often should we be able to play?
Spades (WON) - Sat May 13 13:44:10 2000
Do we want to use the case clock or do we want a full 24 hours or 2 days or 3 days?
You may only challenge a player if it has been a full 24 hours between matches. Just because it is a new day at midnight does not make you legal to play it must be a full 24 hours between matches. This is the responsibility of the highest rank to make sure that they are legal to play. 59 votes (30%)
Two days from the time you play tell the end of the next clock day on case. (so if you play Monday you are not legal tell anytime on Wednesdays case clock day)12 votes (6%)
Once a day case clock day (not a full 24 hours just when clock turns on case) 119 votes (62%)
Once every 3 days on case clock.1 votes (0%)