Matches Per Day [Canasta (Direct IP)]
Canasta (Direct IP) - Sun Jun 16 17:26:40 2013
Do you want to CHANGE the following rule?

Matches Per Day

Current rule reads:

Once Per Day: You can only play the same person once a day. You can play as many different people as you'd like on any given day.

Proposed Change:

All members are allowed to play each member a maximum of 2 matches per Case's 24 hour day. All ladder matches must be best of 2 out of 3 games per match when two members play each other twice per day. Back to back matches are not permitted. You are not required to play more than one match a day with the same member. Members ranked 1 and 2 may only play each other once per day.

Yes - Change this rule17 votes (94%)
No - Do Not Change this rule1 votes (5%)