Top Ten Rules [Cribbage (Yahoo)]
Cribbage (Yahoo) - Sun Aug 19 13:40:36 2012
Would you like to REMOVE the following rule?

Top Ten Rules

Members ranked in the top ten must maintain an open, rated 1v1 table until they announce in the lobby they are closing. At that time, the table must be set to private and they will be restricted to playing only at that table; they must leave upon completion of the final match. Matches are to be played in boot order, with the exception of the 1 vs. 2 match which has priority.

The only exception to this rule is if the member is registered for a tournament that starts within 10 minutes, as verified by the tournament time on the Ladder's main page, and remains valid only until that member is no longer in the tournament due to elimination or withdrawal.

Yes - Remove this rule13 votes (44%)
No - Do Not Remove this rule16 votes (55%)