Top 20 Rules [Cribbage (Yahoo)]
Cribbage (Yahoo) - Sun Jul 6 12:31:13 2008
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Top 20 Rules

Current rule reads:

All Top Twenty players must have an open RATED 1 x 1 (2 player) table while in the gaming room.

All matches are to be played in boot order, with the exception of 1 v 2 taking priority.

Top 20 players must announce their intent to leave the gaming room by announcing the closing of their table in lobby at such time they MUST make their table private.

Upon completion of the final match at their table, they must leave the ladder room.

Once a Top 20 has closed their table, they are restricted to playing only at their table.

Proposed Change:

Top 10 Rules

All top ten matches are to be arranged in lobby chat and played in order of first come, first serve; however, if a top ten player is being challenged by more than one member at the same time, the player with the best rank shall have the match.

Yes - Change this rule29 votes (42%)
No - Do Not Change this rule40 votes (57%)