Formal Challenge Procedure [Monopoly (Case's Online)]
Monopoly (Case's Online) - Mon Jul 16 10:47:49 2007
Would you like to REMOVE the following rule?

Formal Challenge Procedure

Before issuing a formal challenge, players must adhere to the following procedure:

1) Ask for a game in chat.

2) If after trying to get a game in chat, or not seeing user in chat for 1 day, then E-mail the user and politely ask for a game.

3) If no reply is given after 24 hours, or if the request is refused, a formal challenge may be issued.

Complaints must be verified. Any formal challenge issued that doesn't adhere to this procedure will be null and void and be allowed to fail. The failed formal challenge will be removed from the challenged players record but will remain on the challengers record.

Yes - Remove this rule4 votes (66%)
No - Do Not Remove this rule2 votes (33%)