Top Ten Challenges [Dominoes (Yahoo)]
Dominoes (Yahoo) - Thu Mar 1 19:23:54 2007
Do you want to CHANGE the following rule?

Top Ten Challenges

Current rule reads:

Top 10 Challenges must take priority over any other challenges issued to a Top 10 Player. If you have multiple Top 10 Challenges at the same time (as in an 'Open Table') then the game must be given to the highest rank first. A recognized challenge will be made only at a table - not via a Game Room Invite Window - IM - ICQ - or email. Rank Challenges for Ranks 1 - 9 take priority over Formal Challenges.

Proposed Change:

Top 10 players must announce in the Scapula lobby chat when accepting challenges. If there is more than one person challenging the higher ranked player, the challenger with the highest rank shall have the match. All challenges must be asked for and accepted in the Scapula lobby chat only. The use of game room invites or messenger services to ask or accept challenges is prohibited. Top 10 rank challenges take precedence over all other challenges, including formal challenges.

Yes - Change this rule25 votes (59%)
No - Do Not Change this rule17 votes (40%)