Top 25 Play [Worms 2: Roperz]
Worms 2: Roperz - Wed Aug 2 15:57:38 2006
Do you want to REMOVE the following rule?

Top 25 Play

Players ranked in the Top 25 are to play at least one game in 8 days to avoid penalties.

(Amended 1/26/02) The penalty for a Top 25 player who violates the inactivity rule will be a reduction in rank to the amount double their rank, E.g. Rank 20 will be reduced to 40.

Note: Should this rule be removed, the general rules regarding top 10 inactivity will not change, meaning that if a player in the top 10 does not play for three days, their rank will be dropped automatically with no exceptions.

Yes - Remove this rule13 votes (54%)
No - Do Not Remove this rule11 votes (45%)