Default Match Settings [Backgammon (LIvVE)]
Backgammon (LIvVE) - Thu Apr 27 22:06:06 2006
Do you want to CHANGE the following rule?

Default Match Settings

Current rule reads:

The default settings for ladder matches is a bracket of best two games out of three, and the room settings must NOT be set to resign on exit. This means that if one player wins the first two games, the match is over. Gammons and backgammons have a value of only one win.

Proposed Change:

Any amount of points may be set for ladder matches with an amount no higher than seven (7) points. If the opponents cannot agree on the number of points in a match, the match will be played with a default setting of three (3) points. Room settings must NOT be set for resign on exit.

Yes - Change this rule2 votes (100%)
No - Do Not Change this rule0 votes (0%)