Top 10 Rank Hounding Rate of Play Benchmark Policy [Gin (Yahoo)]
Gin (Yahoo) - Sat Nov 26 14:58:06 2005
Would you like to ADD the following rule:

Top 10 Rank Hounding Rate of Play Benchmark Policy:

On the day you last entered or reentered the Top 10, you set your Top 10 Rank Hounding Benchmark by the total number of non-tournament ladder matches you played on that day, AND the preceding two days, averaged, and then reduced by 25%, but never less than 8. As long as you remain in the Top 10, you must maintain an average of that Benchmark for any consecutive three-day period. Once you fall out of the Top 10, or request a Voluntary Rank Reduction via Support, you are no longer subject to this rule. This rule does not supercede the current required inactivity rule of playing within any 24 hour period which is autorung by programming.

Yes - Add this rule53 votes (69%)
No - Do Not Add this rule23 votes (30%)