Title Match [Golden Tee Golf (Direct IP)]
Golden Tee Golf (Direct IP) - Thu Nov 17 20:33:44 2005
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Title Match

A title match must be held at least once every 3 days. In the process of holding a title match, the 4th ranked player should choose the course, while the 1st ranked player picks the level of play. All title matches are to be 18 holes. In the event of a tie, a minimum of 9 holes will be played. If you do not hold a title match at least once every 3 days, your rank will be penalized by being rung to rank 100. If you refuse to play in a title match, the person next in line will be asked to play, and you will be rung to rank 100. Try to set a time that works for everyone. If a player is not available at the time of play, then ask the 5th ranked, then 6th ranked, and so on.

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