Rank 2 vs 1 Email Challenges [Backgammon (Zone)]
Backgammon (Zone) - Mon Jun 6 19:14:09 2005
Would you like to KEEP the following rule:

Rank 2 vs 1 Email Challenges:

The #2 ranked player may issue a challenge to the #1 ranked player via email (and must provide a copy of this email to the Ladder Ops). The #1 ranked player must respond to the email (and must provide a copy of the response to the Ladder Ops) with the earliest possible availability to complete this challenge. The #1 ranked player may not play ranks #3 or #4 from the receipt of the email until the 1 vs 2 match has been played.

A #2 player may only issue one of these E-mail challenges against the same #1 player every three days.

Yes - Keep this rule68 votes (77%)
No - Do Not Keep this rule20 votes (22%)