Challenge Rule Survey
Team Pinochle (Yahoo) - Wed Mar 30 15:18:10 2005
The LadderOp team has narrowed down all the submissions to these final five options. This survey will reduce the options down to two final selections. The two final selections will then be placed in the Voting Booth after they are given a trial period.
Option #1

A team may challenge any two members of a team not currently in a game, ranked above them, up to 3 times per day. This challenge must be issued in Advanced 10 lounge chat only. The challenging team will set the table and have seat choice.

50 votes (26%)
Option #2

Teams ranked 2 through 5 must defend their rank at least once per day (#5 would have to defend against #6). The team ranked higher will have seat choice. If teams ranked 2 through 5 have not played their defense game that day then either team can contact the other with Instant Message or Lounge Chat to set up the defense game.

44 votes (23%)
Option #3

Any team currently in the on board position has the option of securing a game by the first come/first serve method OR issuing a challenge to 2 members of a higher ranked team sitting in the lounge who are not actively playing or seeking a game.

The challenge is issued by stating the team name and both players found to be idle in advanced 10 lounge. Two members of a team found visiting a table (not actively involved in the game) are eligible to be challenged.

If the on board team chooses to issue a challenge they relinquish the on board position and will be a challenging team. The challenging team will have seat choice.

The next on board team cannot challenge any teams currently involved in an open challenge.

52 votes (27%)
Option #4

Top ten teams must play on bidding tables. Top 10 teams may bid on a bidding table only after they have played a down match. The bid is awarded to the highest ranked team. Bidding will start after a team arrives at the table and announces their Team name, Rank and Partner's Name. Should a higher ranked team arrive at table while the bidding is counting down (1/5 once 1/5 twice 1/5 sold) is in process the bidding countdown will start over with the higher ranked team.

Teams found to be ignoring the on board team and waiting for a top ten team to open a bidding table will be penalized for camping/avoidance.

9 votes (4%)
Option #5

Any team currently ranked in the top 5 will be required to take on board status. If another top 5 team currently has board, the second top 5 team would become the on-deck team. All other games shall be set in accordance with the first-come, first-serve policy.

Teams in the top five shall have the opportunity of playing a higher ranked team, providing the challenging team has at least 10 complete games with lower ranked teams. If a top 5 team challenges, and does not meet this requirement, they become the on-deck team.

Any team in the top 5 shall be required to play a minimum of 10 games per day or be penalized according to ladder op guidelines for avoidance and failure to defend rank.

35 votes (18%)