Top Ten Teams [Team Cribbage (Zone)]
Team Cribbage (Zone) - Mon Sep 20 18:33:26 2004
Do you want to CHANGE the following rule?

Top Ten Teams

Current rule reads:

Top Ten teams must play every day. All teams can have up to 18 members, so this should never be a problem. #1 vs #2 should happen everyday without fail.

Proposed Change:

Top Ten teams must play every day. If a Top Ten team is inactive for a 24 hour period they will be moved to rank 11.

A #1 vs. #2 match is to occur everyday without fail. It is up to the #2 ranked team to email the #1 ranked team to make arrangements for a 1 vs.2 match. The OP Team must be copied on the email. If no email is sent, then the #2 team will be penalized 5 rungs and #1 ranked team can then accept all challenges. The #1 team must reply to the #2 team via email if their requested time is not acceptable (also with a copy to the Op team). If the #1 team does not do so, the time requested is deemed confirmed. If the #1 ranked team fails to show up for a previously confirmed time for a 1 vs. 2 match within 30 minutes of the prescheduled time, then the #2 ranked team shall be moved to #1 and the other team shall be penalized 10 rungs for NO SHOW.

Yes - Change this rule39 votes (69%)
No - Do Not Change this rule17 votes (30%)