Top 30 Challenge Procedures [Backgammon (Zone)]
Backgammon (Zone) - Mon Aug 30 13:40:48 2004
Do you want to CHANGE the following rule?

Top 30 Challenge Procedures

Current rule reads:

When Players ranked in the Top 30 are challenged, they must wait for at least two challenges, or until 7 lines of chat have passed before asking for ranks. Exits and entries into the lobby will count as lines of chat.

Proposed Change:

When Players ranked in the Top 30 are challenged they must wait for 7 lines of chat to pass before accepting or if two or more challengers they must call ranks. Exits and entries will count as lines but Tournament advertisements will not. Multiple lines of chat from a player will only count as one line.

Yes - Change this rule41 votes (39%)
No - Do Not Change this rule64 votes (60%)