Defense Challenge [Team Pinochle (Yahoo)]
Team Pinochle (Yahoo) - Thu Jul 1 10:29:23 2004
Would you like to ADD the following rule:

Defense Challenge

Teams 2 - 10 may request a game once per day with the team ranked directly above them via lounge chat or IM. When the game is to be played, the defense challenge match must be announced through the lobby (team x has accepted a challenge from team y and the challenge is being met).

The challenging team sets table, and chooses seats. Once this match is requested it is the responsibility of both teams to have their first two available teammates play this match and not wait for specific players. This challenge shall be valid even if ranks change during the game. The losing team must note in comments it was a challenge match (3 vs 4 challenge by team challenger).

Each team ranked 1 - 10 is limited to 1 defense challenge match per day. Defense request games and 1 vs 2 will count towards your 3 challenges per day. These defense challenges take precedence over Direct challenges.

Yes - Add this rule61 votes (32%)
No - Do Not Add thi rule129 votes (67%)