Direct Challenges [Team Pinochle (Yahoo)]
Team Pinochle (Yahoo) - Thu Jul 1 10:28:06 2004
Do you want to CHANGE the following rule?

Direct Challenges

Current rule reads:

There is no DIRECT challenging permitted at any time on our ladder.

Proposed Change:

Any team who is in control of the board may at any time direct challenge 2 players from a higher ranked team that are in advanced 10, not in a game, if no other team has announced.

Once a direct challenge has been made, the challenger is removed from the board to await a response from the team they directly challenged. The next team to announce becomes the on board team.

If a team directly challenges another team and fails to arrange a match within 5 minutes, they start over as if they had not been on board. Teams may not play more than 3 direct challenges in one day and may not challenge the same team more than once per day.

Defense request games and 1 vs 2 will count towards your 3 challenges per day. The losing team MUST post challenge match in the game report comment box.

Yes - Change this rule42 votes (21%)
No - Do Not Change this rule156 votes (78%)