Procedure for Taking Bids [Spades (Zone)]
Spades (Zone) - Sat May 8 20:16:20 2004
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Procedure for Taking Bids:

All bid taking and bidding is done in the lobby only.

For example: 47 taking bids

To bid on a game, state your rank and the rank of the player you are bidding on.

Example: 52 for 47

The bidtaker must then enter his rank and the rank he is recognizing each on a separate line as he counts out as follows:





By putting his bid in the lobby, any player that is unsuccessful in securing an Up Game (including illegal bidders), shall remain available to be challenged by others until the BidOut is legally sold.

You may only bid or challenge ONCE during any bid taking process.

A player that begins taking bids is required to follow through with this action until a match is sold.

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