Unfinished Matches [Backgammon (Zone)]
Backgammon (Zone) - Wed Mar 10 16:53:15 2004
Which of the following changes would you like to see made to the Unfinished Matches GSR?

Current rule reads:

An unfinished match is an incomplete match for any reason. Unfinished matches can be completed at a later time due to unforeseen circumstances as long as it will not adversely affect a players rank. In the event that a player has an emergency and must leave the match, the decision to leave it unfinished must be agreed upon by both players. (If it is not agreed upon by both players, the player leaving will report a loss as long as it will not adversely affect the overall ladder ranks).

Option #1: A player claiming an unfinished will be required to provide proof of the original challenge and acceptance through copy of chat time and date stamp along with screen shot of the match in progress.

Option #2: If a player boots during a match before it is finished, the not booted player may not issue/accept challenges nor may they exit the room for 25 lines of chat to allow the booted opponent to return and complete the match (any player deliberately attempting to create lines of chat to circumvent the rule will be penalized with out warning). If the booted player fails to return within this period they shall report the match as a loss. Explanation: Lines of chat will not include the chat of the non booted player or tournament advertisements. Exits and entries will count as lines of chat (make sure you have selected the option to show entries and exits on your lobby window).

NOTE: Choosing Option #1 will ADD to the existing rule. Choosing Option #2 will REPLACE the existing rule.

Option #1 - ADD to existing rule32 votes (40%)
Option #2 - CHANGE existing rule48 votes (60%)