Direct Challenge (Whole Ladder) [Team Pinochle (Yahoo)]
Team Pinochle (Yahoo) - Sun Feb 1 10:26:53 2004
Would you like to ADD the following rule:

Direct Challenge (Whole Ladder):

Teams may direct challenge better ranked teams in chat in advanced 10 if they are the on board team and no other team has announced for a game.

A direct challenge can only be issued to members of a team that are available to play. Available to play means not currently in a game. The challenge must be issued by announcing the team name and the 2 players' names of the challenged team.

If you are found to be issuing challenges excessively and without first attempting to get a match via the traditional methods you will be penalized.

Failure to respond by the challenged team may result in penalties for avoidance.

Yes - Add this rule97 votes (43%)
No - Do Not Add this rule124 votes (56%)