How To Get A Game [Team Pinochle (Yahoo)]
Team Pinochle (Yahoo) - Sun Feb 1 10:19:45 2004
Would you like to ADD the following rule:

How To Get A Game:

To Announce and Accept games both players from a team must be present in Yahoo Advance lounge 10 and ready to play. Only one player from a team will announce for a game and must state his partners ID. The onboard team sets the table and has first seat choice. All players MUST verify the table settings. All Teams will play on unrated/protected tables, at least 20 points needed to score and extra score for duplicate sequences. If the table is found to be set wrong before the first hand is complete the game will be cancelled and reset on a correct table. After the first hand is complete the game will be played as a legal Case's Team game. Teams can play the same team twice in a row as long as all four players are different.

NOTE: Voting YES to add this new rule will result in the consolidation and elimination of the following GSRs: How to get a game, Seat Choice, Table Settings, and Back to Back.

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No - Do Not Add this rule63 votes (25%)