Subs Permitted in Match [Team Pinochle (Yahoo)]
Team Pinochle (Yahoo) - Sun Feb 1 10:10:39 2004
Would you like to ADD the following rule:

Subs Permitted in Match:

If one of the partners leaves before the game is finished the remaining partner will be given 10 minutes to locate a sub. If there are no subs available the remaining partner will promptly report the loss. The only exceptions to this rule is if the opponents offer a cancellation. If a player gets a sub to finish a game the original player receives the loss, if its a win the sub receives the win. In the event a mass disconnection occurs from the gaming site all games will be canceled with no reports and teams will return to the chat area for new games.

NOTE: Voting YES to add this new rule will result in the elimination of the following GSRs: Failure to Finish Match, SUBS IN GAMES CLARIFICATION, and Gaming Lounge Mass Disconnection.

Yes - Add this rule224 votes (86%)
No - Do Not Add this rule36 votes (13%)