Formal Challenges [Gin (Flipside)]
Gin (Flipside) - Fri Oct 3 20:14:38 2003
Do you want to CHANGE the following rule?

Formal Challenges

Current rule reads:

A formal challenge has priority over all other challenges.

Exception: Top Ten challenges have priority over a formal if the top ten challenger is higher rank.

You are allowed to use the formal challenge only once every three days. Formal Challenges can not be issued against a player unless three (3) full days have passed since your last match against that player.

Formal challenges are there to help you ONLY if you are unable to set up a game or you are on at different times and need to set one up. It is not to be used as a way to consistently get up games. You should try to get a game first via all other methods (challenge in lobby or friendly email request if in top 10) before you issue the formal challenge.

Proposed Change:

You are only allowed to issue a Formal Challenge once every seven days.

Yes - Change this rule43 votes (64%)
No - Do Not Change this rule24 votes (35%)