Playing the Game [Gin (Flipside)]
Gin (Flipside) - Fri Oct 3 20:09:04 2003
Would you like to REMOVE this portion of the following rule:

Playing the Game:

A game is officially started when both players hit Start. Once both players hit Start and the game begins, it needs to be played to completion. Forfeiting or canceling a game in order to play an up is strictly against the rules.

The minimum game setting is 300 points. You may choose Oklahoma or Regular. All ladder matches are to be considered as Deadwood Allowed unless otherwise stated on the table description.

Both players should agree to the table settings before the match begins. It doesnt happen often, but if players cannot agree to the settings of the table, then the betterranked player should allow the other player to choose the settings. So make sure you check out the settings of the table BEFORE clicking Start.

Yes - Remove this portion of the rule21 votes (28%)
No - Do Not Remove this portion of the rule54 votes (72%)