Challenges [Team Gin (Yahoo)]
Team Gin (Yahoo) - Fri Sep 19 21:05:28 2003
Do you want to CHANGE the following rule?


Current rule reads:

Challenges are to be taken on a first come first serve basis. If one team challenges your team, you may NOT go into the lobby and ask for ranks or look for another team to play.

Proposed Change:

Challenges are made and accepted based on a first priority, second priority and final priority.

Top 5 teams must open for the unplayed teams (first game) being first priority.

With second game known as second priority and the third game known as final priority being satisfied only after the First and Second Priority games have been met with any available teams.

Top 5 teams must take games based on the number of games played with that team before rank. If several teams are making challenges which are making their first priority challenge, then the Challenged team must take ranks among the unplayed. Same with multiple challenges from secondary teams, and final games.

Yes - Change this rule12 votes (70%)
No - Do Not Change this rule5 votes (29%)