Away From Keyboard (AFK) [Pool (Case's Online)]
Pool (Case's Online) - Wed Jul 23 15:08:54 2003
Do you want to ADD the following rule?

Away From Keyboard (AFK)

While in the lobby you must be available to accept challenges.
If you are Away From Keyboard (AFK) and not available to play - you must leave the lobby and then return when you are available to play.
Failure to leave the lobby when AFK will be considered Camping, and may result in penalty.
You are in violation of the rule when 10 minutes have passed since the timestamp of your last posted game.
Required proof for a complaint: time stamped screen shots at start and end of time limit.
Ladder Staff/Ops/Working TDs are exempt from this rule.

- Yes - Add this rule30 votes (44%)
- No - Do not add this rule37 votes (55%)