Top Ten Inactivity [Gin (Flipside)]
Gin (Flipside) - Tue Jul 29 13:20:03 2003
Do you want to CHANGE the following rule?

Top Ten Inactivity

Current rule reads:

If you are in the Top Ten and are not defending your rank to the player directly below you at least once every 3 days, you will be dropped in rung for leapfrogging and/or avoiding. (If you are ranked 2, defending your rank would mean playing rank 3.) A player is allowed to wait 15 minutes to play a defend game if both players are present in the room and must state that they are doing so in the lobby.

Proposed Change:

Players ranked in the Top Ten are required to defend their rank (play the person ranked directly below their rank) at least once every three days. Players ranked in the Top Ten are allowed to wait up to 15 minutes to play their rank-threatening match if the person ranked directly below them is in the room.

Yes - Change this rule54 votes (54%)
No - Do Not Change this rule45 votes (45%)