1 vs 2 [Cribbage (IPlay)]
Cribbage (IPlay) - Mon Jun 23 07:25:12 2003
Would you like to see the following Removed from the GSR:

1 vs 2 :

IF at any time the #1 and #2 ranked players are in the ladder room, this game will take precedence and WILL be played before all other challenges. If either player is currently in a game when the other enters, they may finish that game before playing the top challenge. If #1 or 2 is in a game, they will wait for completion of that game and play their rank challenge game before leaving. Failure to comply with this rule with result in a rank drop to 26th rung.

- Yes - Delete the rule22 votes (50%)
- No - Do not delete the rule22 votes (50%)