Game Play [Bidwhist (Case's Online)]
Bidwhist (Case's Online) - Fri May 30 13:21:01 2003
Do you want one of the following options added to game play?

Game Play

Pick one:

Which of the following 3 choices would you prefer for Bidwhist bidding:

1. An option should be added to the game options to allow the choice of a low bid beating a high bid of the same number.

2. A low bid should always beat a high bid of the same number.

3. Low and high bids of the same number should continue to be valued as the same and only a no trump beats a high bid.

This is a not a rules vote, the CLO programmer wants your input.

- Option 119 votes (33%)
- Option 223 votes (40%)
- Option 315 votes (26%)