Playing Matches [(Team Cribbage (Yahoo)]
Team Cribbage (Yahoo) - Tue Apr 15 10:32:28 2003
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Playing Matches:

Teams may only play each other twice a day (with unplayed teams having priority). You cannot legally issue a challenge unless you are legal to play that challenge. Individuals playing teams may not play single games simultaneously. To be legal to challenge you must have 2 members free to play and both players must be in the game room when a challenge is placed.

Top 10 players can play multiple matches at the same time, as long as only 1 match is an up game.

It would be hoped that in the spirit of fair play the teams would play 1 up and 1 down.

Proposed change:

Revert back to General rules - three times a day

- Yes - Change the rule21 votes (51%)
- No - Do not change the rule20 votes (48%)