Boot during a match [Gin (WorldPlay)]
Gin (WorldPlay) - Sun Apr 13 04:30:07 2003
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Boot during a match:

If a single player is booted from during a match, the player that was booted is allowed 10 minutes to return to complete the match. The remaining player must keep the table open for the full 10 minutes. The remaining player should also post in lobby chat the name of their opponent and the time that they booted.
If the booted player is unable to return within 10 minutes, then the booted player must report the loss.

This rule will not apply to matches that were scoreless at the time of the boot.

In the event of a dispute the player claiming a victory should submit proof that their opponent was booted via a screen capture of their game table and the current score.

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- No - Do not add this rule12 votes (33%)