Camping [Team Pinochle (Yahoo)]
Team Pinochle (Yahoo) - Fri Apr 4 08:32:17 2003
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Two team members being in the Advanced 10 lounge is an official indication that your team is ready to play and accept challenges from eligible teams. Therefore, you should make your presence known by challenging for a game (any request for a game or match shall be considered to be either accepting or requesting a challenge). Stating in chat that you are there for any other reason besides playing a team game does not remove your obligation to accept challenges (the only exception to this rule is Ladder Ops and Case's Staff). Refusing a challenge or not replying to a challenge when a team ranked lower than you announces, but suddenly seeking a game with a higher ranked team shall be considered avoidance, and will result in a penalty. This rule shall also apply if the team ranked below you on the ladder is actively seeking a game and you “Camp” until that team has accepted another match thus avoiding their challenge.

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