Top Twenty Down Games [Spades (Yahoo)]
Spades (Yahoo) - Fri Mar 7 06:17:02 2003
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Members in the top twenty must play at least 1 down game after each up game. Under no circumstances may you ever play 2 up games in a row.while you are a top 20 member. Upon entering the room for the first time of the day, a top 20 member can play an up game as long as their last game from the day before was a down game. This rule would come into effect immediately upon a member’s entering the top 20.

Option A – add this rule as written above.

Option B change this rule to include only top 10 members.

Option C do not add this rule.

A - Add this rule as written18 votes (30%)
B - Change to apply to top 1015 votes (25%)
C - Do Not add this rule26 votes (44%)