Top Ten Activity [Backgammon (Yahoo)]
Backgammon (Yahoo) - Sun Feb 16 06:21:57 2003
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Top Ten Activity

Current Rule Reads:

Members of the Top Ten must play at least fifteen games per week or they will be dropped ten rungs for inactivity in order to make room for more active players. This will not be monitored by us on a daily or weekly basis. If you become aware of someone who is not meeting the guidelines please let your LadderOps know and we will take care of it.

Proposed Change:

Drop the required games to 10 a week with all Ladder-Stat Tourney Reported Matches counting towards the Top Ten's Weekly Play for purposes of the Top Ten Activity rule.

- Yes - Change the rule8 votes (100%)
- No - Keep the original rule0 votes (0%)