Electronic Devices [Team Pinochle (Yahoo)]
Team Pinochle (Yahoo) - Sat Jan 11 12:08:35 2003
Would you like to change this rule?

Old GSR read: Electronic Devices:

Use of electronic devices in team play is illegal and will be considered cheating. [This does not include your computer nor the programming of the game server (Yahoo)]. Any electronic device that aids in any other aspect of team play, including, but not limited to, any card counting programs either generic or brand names such as "pinochle buddy" are illegal and will be handled as cheating.

Proposed New GSR: Electronic Devices:

Any electronic device or program that aids or gives another player an advantage in a game is illegal. This includes any card counting programs but does not pertain to aids for handicapped players as long as such does not give an unfair advantage. Use of such illegal programs or devices will be considered cheating.

Would you like to (a) reinstate the old GSR; (b) Adopt the New Proposed GSR; or (c) Have no GSR to govern this situation?

a - Reinstate old GSR56 votes (21%)
b - Adopt new GSR153 votes (60%)
c - Have no GSR governing this46 votes (18%)