Reporting [Team Pinochle (Yahoo)]
Team Pinochle (Yahoo) - Sat Jan 11 12:06:19 2003
Would you like to change this rule?

Old GSR read: Reporting Losses:

All losses MUST be reported IMMEDIATELY following a match and must be reported by one of the players in the match. Players may NOT post a loss for their team unless they are one of the players listed on the loss report. If both players from the losing team leave the table and the loss has not been reported within 20 minutes, it will be considered an unreported match and will be reported for you by a Ladder Op and your team will be subject to penalties. The only exception to the this rule will be when Case's is down to ALL members.

Proposed New GSR: Reporting Losses:

Once the match is complete (game over), the losing team is responsible to report the loss to Case’s. This loss shall be reported within 20 minutes of game completion and the two players from the losing team are NOT permitted to challenge until the loss is reported. The only exception to this is in the event Case’s is down for all reporting. In that event, the losing team must notify the winning team that the loss is not yet reported and the reason why. If events other than Case’s being down prevent the losing team from reporting then the loss shall be reported to a LadderOp

Would you like to (a) reinstate the old GSR; (b) Adopt the New Proposed GSR; or (c) Have no GSR to govern this situation?

a - Reinstate old GSR57 votes (20%)
b - Adopt new GSR213 votes (77%)
c - Have no GSR governing this5 votes (1%)