Back to Back [Team Pinochle (Yahoo)]
Team Pinochle (Yahoo) - Sat Jan 11 12:06:00 2003
Would you like to change this rule?

Old GSR read: Back to Back:

No Consecutive Team Matches Teams cannot play the same team twice in a row - teams must have completed and have reported another match with a different team before playing any team again on the same day, and when they do play again, at least one player total must change.

Proposed New GSR: Back to Back:

Teams can play the same team twice in a row as long as all four players are different. An individual found to be playing the same team back to back shall subject his/her team to warnings and/or penalties.

Would you like to (a) reinstate the old GSR; (b) Adopt the New Proposed GSR; or (c) Have no GSR to govern this situation?

a - Reinstate old GSR96 votes (32%)
b - Adopt new GSR151 votes (51%)
c - Have no GSR to govern this47 votes (15%)