Board Challenges [Team Pinochle (Yahoo)]
Team Pinochle (Yahoo) - Sat Jan 11 12:05:18 2003
Would you like to change this rule?

Old GSR read: Board Challenges:

All team games are to be requested and accepted in the lounge chat area ONLY. When teams come to Advanced 10, they should first read the chat or ask if a request is in progress before requesting a team game. First team requesting a team game has Top Priority and becomes the team on board. The next team to announce will be their opponent if they are legal to play. If they are not legal to play the first team responding, they will play the next team to respond. All games will be awarded on a First Come First Served basis. Once a game has been requested and accepted, the requesting team sets the table and the highest ranked team sits first.

Proposed New GSR: How to get a game:

To challenge for a game, both players from a team must be present in Yahoo Advance lounge 10 and ready to play. Additionally, you must know the name of the last team your team played.

Challenges to play shall only be made using the lounge chat. Only one player from a team partnership shall issue or accept challenges. The request for a game is considered a "challenge".

An Example of a challenge would be "Team X looking for a game" The first team to challenge is considered to have the "board". They will play the next team "Looking for a game".

All games are set in a first come first serve order with NO multiple challenges.

Would you like to (a) reinstate the old GSR; (b) Adopt the New Proposed GSR; or (c) Have no GSR to govern this situation?

a - Reinstate old GSR110 votes (38%)
b - Adopt New GSR163 votes (56%)
c - Have no GSR governing this13 votes (4%)